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Students Show Up for Attendance Challenge

The second annual Attendance Challenge is underway against Fort Scott High School. Two years ago, Community in Schools (CIS) Student Support Coordinator LC Davis identified attendance as an area for improvement at PHS and knew students responded to friendly competition. 

"Fort Scott High School seemed fitting with them also having the CIS program at their school...I thought competing against the rival Tigers would motivate our students to get to school," Davis said.

Average Daily Attendance numbers are reported between the school coordinators, and the numbers stay close throughout the 18 days of the challenge. Pittsburg High School saw its highest attendance day at 95.7%, with the lowest at 88.4%.

"The Annual Attendance Challenge was developed to encourage and highlight our attendance rate. School attendance is so important. In the past, when we worked on improving attendance in our school, it was easy to get bogged down in the negative. LC Davis brought a new perspective and came up with some positive ways to incentivize attendance. He has been a great resource to PHS and our students," said PHS Principal Kelynn Heardt.

Last year, both schools tied on the number of days won, so the winner was determined by the average of all the days. The Dragons fell to the Tigers by 0.6 percent. 

Tonight at the PHS Homecoming Game vs. Fort Scott, the 2023 winner will be announced, and the traveling trophy will go home with the winner.

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