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PHS Student wins Culinary Contest

This past November Culinary students from across the state of Kansas were invited to participate in a competition called "Something Pumpkin".  Participants were required to pick either breakfast, lunch/dinner, snack, or dessert. They submitted their recipe, picture of ingredients, photo of themself preparing and with their final product.  Participants were also required to taste test their recipe and ask their culinary arts teacher, another teacher, family member, and another student to taste test and submit a questionnaire about the color, pumpkin flavor, texture, and spices and complexity of flavors.  

Addison Jones, PHS culinary student was selected as the winner for the Breakfast category. Addison won out over students from across the entire state.

Addie Jones is a freshman attending Pittsburg High School.  On her first day of school when she entered the culinary classroom, she was intimidated.  Addie stuck with it every day and each day got better.  Now, she enjoys working as a team and collaborating with her classmates.  She has even started to lead a team and guide them through the preparation process. 

Through her culinary experience, Addie has grown and gained confidence as a person, in the kitchen, and also as a student at Pittsburg High School.  At the beginning of the semester, Addie just wanted to work with vegetables and nothing else and now she says, “I love to explore the flavors!”

Addie entered a Pumpkin Bread that was a recipe of her Great Grandma Foley.  When asked how she felt about making her Great Grandma’s bread, Addie smiled from ear to ear and said that she had fun.  She believes that culinary may be a cool career to achieve.

Addie wants everyone to know that she is not the best at baking, but she enjoys baking and helping her Mom at home.  A recipe that she likes to make with her Mom is pancakes that they add M&Ms to. We are very happy to celebrate with Addie in her wonderful victory. 

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