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PHS Culinary hosts guest Chef Charlene Brown

Today PHS Culinary Arts students enjoyed a unique lesson from an expert pastry chef. Chef Charlene Brown shared her Best Brownies Ever recipe with students as well as her expert techniques. Among many other helpful tips, students learned how to get the perfect texture in their batter, important facts about special ingredients, and how to properly line the pan. 

Chef Charlene Brown has been a pastry chef for 9 years. She recalls her budding desire to bake when her brother took home economics in the early '90s. She is the sole proprietor of Charlene's Cakes and Sweets.  She has fought the stereo typecasting of the once male-dominated fine dining environment to earn a place of respect in the kitchen.  She is a strong advocate for women in the culinary arts inspiring others to fight for what they want and to help change the way women are viewed in a professional Kitchen.  Chef Charlene offers baking classes to those that would like to develop and create on their own.  

Following the demonstration, Chef Charlene answered student questions about her recipe development process and her experience as a woman in culinary arts. 

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