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About Launch

The Launch Program at Pittsburg High School is a hands-on, student led class that focuses on developing real-world experiences through our involvement with local businesses. Launch was brought to Pittsburg High School in March of 2020, and is available to high school juniors and seniors. Since the beginning of Launch, we have grown to become a part of multiple projects throughout Pittsburg, staying committed to our goal of developing workforce-ready students and helping our community in the process.



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Parents or students should contact the Launch Instructors directly via email. 


Current Projects

"The Spot" 

Former City Housing Director, Quentin Holmes, pitched the first Launch collaborative project; reimagining the abandoned warehouse space at 2nd and Walnut for outdoor physical and social activities.

National Institute for Materials Advancements (NIMA) Team

The NIMA team is currently researching how to recycle agricultural film without harming the environment. This will not only help animals but our community as well.

Social Media Team

Our social media team brings our content together to connect with our community. It shows all the great things we have and will be working on in the future.


Past Projects


Leafy Greens

Last year's project, Leafy Greens, combines farming with education. Parked at the high school campus, this shipping container will supply the cafeteria with 50-100 pounds of lettuce and other greens while educating students in the process. Leafy Greens is the definition of farm to table, growing the food-on-site, at PHS, using no pesticides or herbicides.

Kansas Polymer Research Center (KPRC) Team

KPRC's first project was the possibility of re-shoring hay net wrap to Kansas for local farmers. Dr. Tim Dawsey, Executive Director of the National Institute for Materials Advancement, reached out to the Launch Program because of supply chain difficulties; hay net wraps used by farmers are shipped from overseas, sold to big distribution companies, then eventually make their way to the local level - when available. Alonso, NIMA Project Manager, guided team members through research, cost analysis, and business feasibility plans.



Our Team

Claudia Gonzalez Mayo 

Dillian Stevens 

Nivek Feagan

Emi George 

Henry Philipp 

Tommy  Vilela - Nava

Vanesa Hernandez 

Luis Garcia Rueda 

Tristan Jones